Govt. of India
Ministry of Rural Development
Department of Rural Development
The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 17-Mar-2018 11:59:05 PM 
State : JHARKHAND District : CHATRA Block : GIDDHOR Panchayat : Gidhour

No. of Works Violates Labour-Material Ratio(60-40) in complete life cycle of work

Expenditure in Rs.
S.No Work Category Work Code Work Name Labour Expenditure Material Expenditure
1 Works on Individuals Land (Category IV) 3417007003/IF/7080900999520 Gid new murgi palan aasharam nirman near Nandeshwar yadav land salga 45684 145811
2 3417007003/IF/7080901004237 Gid New bakari asaram canraksan in Mathura dangi 44700 152042
3 3417007003/IF/7080901004384 New Murgi palan canraksan in Rajesh ku dangi 46656 151604
4 3417007003/IF/7080901004546 Gid new Murgi palan Shade const near Ravindra dangi land father arjun dangi 33432 98350
5 3417007003/IF/7080901011177 Gid new Bakari palan sasharam const near Gayani yadav land Katghara 47376 139232
6 3417007003/IF/7080901012173 Gid new Murgi palan shade const near ajay kumar yadav 38916 93054.1
7 3417007003/IF/7080901017585 New bakari sead in Uday dangi laind 10584 121430
8 3417007003/IF/7080901050667 New Dobha pond in Radhesyam dangi land 167 2060
9 3417007003/IF/7080901050668 New Dobha pond in Tapeswar dangi 167 2060
10 3417007003/IF/7080901050669 New Dobha pond in Pramod dangi 0 2060
11 3417007003/IF/7080901059332 New Murgi sead cantaction in shivkumar dangi 8016 42467.5
12 3417007003/IF/7080901059702 New murgi palan shade const near Kuleshwari devi land Gidhour japua 9018 19799.445
13 3417007003/IF/7080901059885 New murgi sead cantraction in Priyanka devi 8016 52714.5
14 3417007003/IF/7080901074671 New bakari form sead in Ramanand dangi katghara 3006 40107.5
15 3417007003/IF/7080901111936 Sed Parwati Devi ke khet me Murgi Sed nirman at Gidhor Thakurbari 7038 51645.75
16 3417007003/IF/7080901111943 Sed Mantu Kumar S/O Ravindra Dangi ke khet me Murgi Sed nirman at Gidhor Thakurbari 9911 43650.75
17 3417007003/IF/7080901129176 Vermi Compost of Manoj Kushwaha Land at Gidhour 1848 6235.105
18 3417007003/IF/7080901132367 Vermi Compost of Kavindra Dangi S/O Pokhan Mahto land at Gidhour 1848 6235.105
19 3417007003/IF/7080901133797 Vermi Compost of Mukesh Dangi land at Gidhour 2016 6235.105
20 3417007003/IF/7080901149455 Vermi Compost const of Dipak Dangi land at Gidhour 1848 6235.105