Govt. of India
Ministry of Rural Development
Department of Rural Development
The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 14-Dec-2018 07:29:13 AM 
State : JHARKHAND District : CHATRA Block : CHATRA Panchayat : Dariatu

No. of Works Violates Labour-Material Ratio(60-40) in complete life cycle of work

Expenditure in Rs.
S.No Work Category Work Code Work Name Labour Expenditure Material Expenditure
1 Drought Proofing 3417005025/DP/1091075208 Plantation in Land of Mithlesh Saw At Mayapur 12358 171254.92
2 3417005025/DP/1091075209 Plantation in land of Patjha Tand At Dariyatu 131436 166509.66
3 3417005025/DP/1091075210 Plantation in land of Anil Dangi At Dariyatu 69498 177982.246
4 3417005025/DP/7080901132175 Plantation in land of Dilip Ram At Dariyatu 54432 60856.2344
5 3417005025/DP/7080901132188 Plantation in land of Baijnath Dangi At Dariyatu 18144 60856.4504