Govt. of India
Ministry of Rural Development
Department of Rural Development
The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 23-Mar-2018 02:45:23 PM 
State : JHARKHAND District : CHATRA Block : CHATRA Panchayat : Moktama

No. of Works Violates Labour-Material Ratio(60-40) in complete life cycle of work

Expenditure in Rs.
S.No Work Category Work Code Work Name Labour Expenditure Material Expenditure
1 Works on Individuals Land (Category IV) 3417005007/IF/7080901086044 POULETRY SHELTER IS LAND OF JAGDISH YADAV 9239 46908.599
2 3417005007/IF/7080901086057 Poultry Shelter in land of Chamari Ganjhu At Devariya 8016 48533.29
3 3417005007/IF/7080901086060 Goat Shelter in land of Tilesri Devi at Devariya 8022 50414.1322
4 3417005007/IF/7080901086062 Poultry Shelter in land of Anil Keshri At Devariya 8022 49552.379
5 3417005007/IF/7080901086067 Goat Shelter in land of Dhanmatiya Devi At Devariya 8189 50299.6002
6 3417005007/IF/7080901147975 GOAT SHELTER IN LAND OF SATENDRA YADAV AT DAHURA 0 46206.42