Govt. of India
Ministry of Rural Development
Department of Rural Development
The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 10-Dec-2018 11:52:56 AM 
Photos Uploaded in different work status
State : JHARKHAND    District : CHATRA    Block : GIDDHOR    Panchayat : Dwari
S.No. Work Code(Work Name) Agency Name Execution Level
1 3417007006/RC/9931593018 (GID Mitti Muram road from Bhudhan gop home to Nadhi kandha) Gram Panchayat GP
2 3417007006/RC/9931593414 (GID Mitti Muram road from PWD Road Indar to Nadi) Gram Panchayat GP
3 3417007006/RC/9931593914 (GID Mitti Muram road from jairam yadav home to jutha aam) Gram Panchayat GP
4 3417007006/RC/9931597457 (GID Mitti Murram road from gulli mahto home to Nadi kandha) Gram Panchayat GP
5 3417007006/RC/9931597586 (Gid mitti morroum road const from badru miyan home to pich road) Gram Panchayat GP
6 3417007006/RC/9931597675 (Gid mitti morroum road const from lorwa aam to nadi kandha) Gram Panchayat GP
7 3417007006/WC/7080900906597 (new pond const in suresh yadav land) Gram Panchayat GP
8 3417007006/WC/7080900954091 (GID New pond in Simani Bar) Gram Panchayat GP