Govt. of India
Ministry of Rural Development
Department of Rural Development
The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 22-Sep-2018 02:35:37 PM 
Photos Uploaded in different work status
State : JHARKHAND    District : CHATRA    Block : GIDDHOR    Panchayat : Barisakhi
S.No. Work Code(Work Name) Agency Name Execution Level
1 3417007/WC/7080900906267 (15fit day Well near Masomat Ramni Lnad Barishakhi) Gram Panchayat GP
2 3417007/WC/7080900907340 (15fit day Well Near Radha devi Lnad Barishakhi) Gram Panchayat GP
3 3417007/WC/7080900907428 (15fit Day Well near Basdeo yadav Lnad Barishakhi) Gram Panchayat GP
4 3417007/WC/7080900907446 (15fit day Well ner Bibhuti devi Land Barisakhi) Gram Panchayat GP
5 3417007/WC/7080900907717 (15fit day Well near Gogendar Singh land Barisakhi ) Gram Panchayat GP
6 3417007/WC/7080900907988 (15fit day well near suresh Dangi Land Barishkhi) Gram Panchayat GP
7 3417007/WC/7080900907999 (15fit day well near Sanjay Dangi land Barisakhi) Gram Panchayat GP
8 3417007/WC/7080900916056 (GID 15 fit dia well near rajendra yadav land barisakhi ) Gram Panchayat GP
9 3417007002/RC/9931591013 (Gid mitti morroum road const from govardhan yadav house to damduaa barisakhi) Gram Panchayat GP
10 3417007002/RC/9931591015 (Gid mitti morroum road const from gungra to belwa ) Gram Panchayat GP
11 3417007002/RC/9931591016 (Gid mitti morroum road const from primary school to main road dadhua) Gram Panchayat GP
12 3417007002/RC/9931591017 (Gid mitti morroum road const from siman nawakhap to rupin ) Gram Panchayat GP
13 3417007002/RC/9931591018 (Gid mitti morroum road const from kurkuta nadi to machliya mahua ) Gram Panchayat GP
14 3417007002/WC/7080900916194 (GID 15fit diy well near Indardev Rana land) Gram Panchayat GP
15 3417007002/WC/7080900925220 (GID 15fit dia Well near Ragho yadav Barisakhi) Gram Panchayat GP