Govt. of India
Ministry of Rural Development
Department of Rural Development
The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 22-Sep-2018 02:36:52 PM 
Photos Uploaded in different work status
State : JHARKHAND    District : CHATRA    Block : GIDDHOR    Panchayat : Manjhgawan
S.No. Work Code(Work Name) Agency Name Execution Level
1 3417007/WC/7080900905146 (new well const in shayamdeo singh land(bl)) Gram Panchayat GP
2 3417007/WC/7080900909968 (15fit day Well near Taisabar Miyan Lnad Manjhgawa) Gram Panchayat GP
3 3417007/WC/7080900915519 (new well const in kishuni ravidas land pindarkon) Gram Panchayat GP
4 3417007/WC/7080900916172 (GID 15 fit day well near chumani devi land pinadar) Gram Panchayat GP
5 3417007/WC/7080900920759 (GID 15 fit day well near rajesh singh land pindark) Gram Panchayat GP
6 3417007001/RC/9931589707 (GID Mtti morroum road const from ghateri kabristan) Gram Panchayat GP
7 3417007001/RC/9931589710 (GID Mitti morroum road const from devi mandap to j) Gram Panchayat GP
8 3417007001/RC/9931589874 (GID Mitt morrum road const jahra Sarju prasad Lain) Gram Panchayat GP
9 3417007001/RC/9931589948 (GID Mitt morrum road const Brampur mor to Baleswar) Gram Panchayat GP
10 3417007001/RC/9931590044 (GID mitti morroum road const from purnadih to aadi) Gram Panchayat GP
11 3417007001/RC/9931591328 (GID mitti morroum road from Mahavir panday home t) Gram Panchayat GP
12 3417007001/RC/9931591329 (GID mitti morroum road from Moti Bandh to vijay B) Gram Panchayat GP
13 3417007001/RC/9931597354 (GID Mitti muram road from Tari Maszid to izhar mia) Gram Panchayat GP
14 3417007001/WC/7080900918602 (GID 15fit dia Well near Kishori saw Manjhgawa) Gram Panchayat GP
15 3417007001/WC/7080900922003 (GID 15 fit dia well near Rambrikish Saw) Gram Panchayat GP
16 3417007001/WC/7080900924797 (GID 15fit dia Well near chaturi yadav land manjhga) Gram Panchayat GP
17 3417007001/WC/7080900924804 (GID 15fit dia Well near charan yadav manjhgawa) Gram Panchayat GP
18 3417007001/WC/7080900924814 (GID 15fit dia Well near binod kumar parjapati land) Gram Panchayat GP
19 3417007001/WC/7080900924816 (GID 15fit dia Well near arjun dangi land manjhgawa) Gram Panchayat GP
20 3417007001/WC/7080900924827 (GID 15fit dia Well near ganesh dangi land manjhgaw) Gram Panchayat GP
21 3417007001/WC/7080900924829 (GID 15fit dia Well near raju yadav land manjhgawa) Gram Panchayat GP
22 3417007001/WC/7080900924831 (GID 15fit dia Well near ashok pandey land manjhgaw) Gram Panchayat GP