Govt. of India
Ministry of Rural Development
Department of Rural Development
The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 21-Oct-2018 08:02:51 AM 
Photos Uploaded in different work status
State : JHARKHAND    District : CHATRA    Block : CHATRA    Panchayat : Moktama
S.No. Work Code(Work Name) Agency Name Execution Level
1 3417005/WC/7080900906765 (15fit dia well in Kapil Singh Land At Moktama) Gram Panchayat GP
2 3417005/WC/7080900906990 (15 ft dia well at the land of Rohni Masomat) Gram Panchayat GP
3 3417005/WC/7080900908508 (15 Fit Dia well in Land of Shiva Ganghu) Gram Panchayat GP
4 3417005007/RC/9931590174 (MM Road from Rajdeo Yadav House to Khekhabari at A) Gram Panchayat GP
5 3417005007/RC/9931590178 (MM Road from land of Charku Ganjhu to Bichraha Riv) Gram Panchayat GP
6 3417005007/RC/9931590180 (MM Road from Akhara to Saheb Singh House at Hasot) Gram Panchayat GP
7 3417005007/RC/9931590182 (MM Road from Dewaria Simana To Mahra Toli at Kari) Gram Panchayat GP
8 3417005007/RC/9931590184 (MM Road from Dhamdhama More to Birhor Tola at Kari) Gram Panchayat GP
9 3417005007/RC/9931596116 (MM Road Pakki Sadak To Fulwa Bhuiya House At Kaccha) Gram Panchayat GP
10 3417005007/WC/7080900904750 (15 Fit Dia well in Land of Basudeo Shaw) Gram Panchayat GP
11 3417005007/WC/7080900911914 (15 fit dia well at the land of Diljan Miya) Gram Panchayat GP
12 3417005007/WC/7080900911949 (15 fit dia well at land of Mukesh Singh) Gram Panchayat GP
13 3417005007/WC/7080900911950 (15 fit dia well at land of Lalan Singh) Gram Panchayat GP
14 3417005007/WC/7080900911972 (15 fit dia well at the land of Lurak Bhuiyan) Gram Panchayat GP
15 3417005007/WC/7080900911976 (15 fit dia well at the land of Gyani Ganjhu) Gram Panchayat GP
16 3417005007/WC/7080900911980 (15 fit dia well at the land of Nankishor Ganjhu) Gram Panchayat GP
17 3417005007/WC/7080900912256 (15fit dia well in Janki Ganjhu Land At Trog) Gram Panchayat GP
18 3417005007/WC/7080900917521 (15 fit dia well in Land of Fagu Ganjhu) Gram Panchayat GP
19 3417005007/WC/7080900917524 (15 fit dia well in Land of Lalo Ganjhu) Gram Panchayat GP
20 3417005007/WC/7080900917669 (15 fit dia well in Land of Binesh Ganjhu) Gram Panchayat GP
21 3417005007/WC/7080900917698 (15fit dia well in Hemraj Ganjhu Land at Dewaria) Gram Panchayat GP
22 3417005007/WC/7080900919774 (15fit dia well in Nando Yadav Land at CherwaKcha) Gram Panchayat GP
23 3417005007/WC/7080900920565 (15fit dia well in Parbhu Ganjhu Land At Kadima) Gram Panchayat GP